Longo Software

Simple, Clean, Efficient Software designed for
Small to Medium Business.
Created by Peter Longo.

About Longo Software

Longo Software has been established to create, simple clean web sites and web applications for small to medium businesses who don't need an off the shelf enterprise product and don't want to pay enterprise prices.

We specialize in making Web Applications for small to medium businesses to help track the mundane day to day tasks. The benefit of having a Web Application is the ability to access your data on any device no matter where you are in the world 24 hours a day, even mobile devices.

Using our Business Analyst skills we can work with members of your team to understand what each job requires for day to day functions to then recommend a unique solution that will be a perfect fit your company.

We offer a range of solutions at very competitive prices, plus we take all the hard work out of managing these sites and applications. We can host these at extremely competitive prices and will maintain all the work for you or you can host elsewhere and we still do the maintenance.

There are many sites out there that will allow you to create 'free' web sites but these can become a maintenance headache and will cost you more in time and effort. Can you put a price on your working time? Using us will allow you to work on the business not on the upkeep of websites?

We support the community by writing applications to use for free to help with your boring tasks at home. We also work with local charities to help build usable friendly sites for free. We are extremely community minded.

Below is just a couple examples of the work we have done with many projects currently on the go to help further in the community.

How we do this is by building very robust backend systems that can be leveraged by developers all over the world to build additions - seamlessly and with little effort to plug these in.

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